Dramatic Bedroom Ceiling Lighting Fixtures

If your bedroom has a low ceiling, space tends to look smaller. When you design it wrongly, it’s more likely to create cramped feel. Picking out the right Bedroom Ceiling Lighting Fixtures may turn your bedroom into a more open and attractive interior. The most appropriate idea for low ceiling light fixtures is the flush mount and semi-flush mount styles.

Low Ceiling Interior


Ceiling Interior

It is considered low when your ceiling has approximately an 8-foot height or even lower. It makes it harder to find a ceiling light fixture that won’t create any disadvantages to the entire interior, especially if you wish for a more dramatic illumination to your sleeping area.

The rule is that the lowermost of the ceiling light needs to be hung no lower than 6’8” above the floor. It’s to prevent your head from hitting it while moving underneath. As a low ceiling gives you 8 feet tall, you’re left only with 16″ of height to add more impressive bedroom lighting ideas.

Flush Mount and Semi-Flush Mount Ceiling Light fixtures

bedroom ceiling lighting


As stated earlier, flush mount (and semi-flush mount) lights are one of the best options for a low ceiling bedroom. Properly added, this kind of ceiling light offers the illusion of height and spacious room.

  • Flush mount fixtures

bedroom ceiling lighting fixtures


Flush mount fixtures are considered as the most common source for overhead bedroom light ideas. They literally hug the ceiling as it is mounted directly to the ceiling surface. It results in more light with very minimal drop thus greater ceiling clearance.

  • Semi-flush mount fixtures

bedroom ceiling


Suspended on a stem, this fixture is typically 4 to 8 inches to the top of the light. The gap between the ceiling and the fixture provides an uplift effect. It reflects the light off the ceiling and supplies a more direct light downwards at the same time.

Ideal for low ceiling interiors, flush mount and semi-flush mount come in various astounding styles. Here are a few tips for choosing and applying them to your bedroom ceiling lighting fixtures.

Modern and Contemporary

cedroom lighting


Not only creating drama, but modern bedroom ceiling light fixtures also make a statement. They are usually made in eye-catching and even unique (abstract) designs. Constructed of typical metal-based materials in sleek lines and stylish as well as contemporary finishes. Most of the modern flush mount and semi flush mount ceiling lights are featured with energy-efficient LEDs and acrylic diffuser.


Bring a nostalgia feeling to your bedroom interior decor with the presence of industrial look. As to flush mount and semi flush mount ceiling light fixtures are commonly dominated by the clean lines. They are typically designed by using metal-based materials like bronze, steel, zinc, chrome, and wire.

Industrial chic offered by the vintage touch from a black bronze Sputnik-style semi-flush mount chandelier designed with multiple retro-look of Edison-style LED bulbs in amber shades can be a stunning example. It can insert warmness and a twist for your traditional master bedroom.


For this style, you can have a light bulb covered with a decorative glass or plastic bowl-shaped cover. Classic drum-shaped shades in glass or linen materials can be another choice. Moreover, Tiffany-style glass or crystal ceiling light fixtures add more colors and dramatic effect to your bedroom.

Classic and Simple

For classic and simple bedroom lighting ideas, you may opt for classic white close-to-ceiling light fixtures. A flush mount ceiling light in a polished chrome finish completed with tender opal-etched glass dome shade is an example with a classic touch. Or else, a drum-shaped linen or glass shade flush mount and semi-flush mount in metal frames with LED for more modern style.

Bold Color

Add more drama through the application of vibrant color splashes and bold patterns to your bedroom low ceiling lights. They can be stripes, mosaics, classic Tiffany-style, floral, tribal, or even abstract ones.

The choice is unlimited, more particularly with the increasingly popular of custom-designed art shade lighting. More colorful and cheerful shapes will be highly ideal forchildren’s bedroom ceiling lighting.

To create the height illusion, your bedroom ceiling lighting fixtures should blend well with the surrounding interior decor. So, just because your bedroom has a low ceiling doesn’t mean you cannot add dramatic lighting designs.

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