36+ Bedroom Floor Ideas in Wooden Finishes

There is no better and more popular floor coating than wood. Bedroom floor ideas in wood finishes convey plenty of benefits. Wood tends to absorb sound and heat, as well as more durable. It can be found in a wide range of rich colors, tones, and grains. Wood flooring can be ranged from natural wood, bamboo and cork to laminate, vinyl to the carpet.

Hardwood Floors

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The natural appeal of real wood floors is unrivalled. This kind of natural material offers beauty to any interior decor style in more depth and warmness. Walnut, oak, ash, and maple are some of the most common hardwood used for flooring purposes.

There are two types of hardwood floors, namely solid wood (a solid piece of wood from top to bottom) and engineered wood (made of three to nine layers of different wood veneers). They can be found in the forms of plank, strip, and parquet. As to bedroom flooring, strip and plank are more popular.

Laminate Floors


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Laminate floors are actually printed photos of wood coated with protective plastic. Looks like real wood, they are available in varied wood-tone colours (darker to light ones) and design styles. It’s highly durable and affordable for bedroom floor ideas.

Bamboo Floors

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A number one option for eco-friendly flooring material. Bamboo floors are dubbed as harder thus stronger than the hardwood counterparts. They can be found in strip and plank types with their various grain and color selections.

Cork Floors

Cork floors can absorb sound well, thus a great choice for a more tranquil sleeping space. Come in a broad range of colors; this type of eco-friendly flooring material is also sufficiently durable.

Vinyl Floors

Vinyl flooring comes in sheet vinyl, vinyl tiles or vinyl planks. Moreover, there is what-so-called luxury vinyl flooring (LVF). Constructed of tongue-and-groove planks, they are nearly identical with the real wood, ceramic or stone. A versatile pick for bedroom floor design, less expensive yet luxurious.

Apart from those flooring types, there are two other tricks for covering your bedroom floor ideas, namely carpeting and area rugs.

  • Carpeting

Carpeting for bedroom floor ideas offers some well-known advantages. It provides warmness, softness, coziness, and sound-dampening properties. You can find them in countless materials, patterns, and color options. Also, they are less pricey compared to other flooring materials. Wall-to-wall carpeting in darker hued cut-pile can be an example.

  • Area rugs

Area rugs are usually applied to soften hard floor ideas such as wood or laminate. They can also be used to layer the carpeting. Opt for an area rug that has soft and cozy feels to your feet, as well as a non-slip backing. Better quality means longer longevity. For placed under the bed, pick a larger rug extending at least two feet from both sides and the bed’s legs.

How to Decorate Bedroom with Wood Flooring Ideas

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When it comes to deck your sleeping interior with wood floor design ideas, the options are endless. You may pick from the above wooden-finished bedroom floor ideas. It will be related to the mix and matches between the materials (especially for solid hardwood), wood tones and other interior decor schemes.

  • Contrast the decor

Since wood floors tend to suit best with traditional interior decors, therefore you may combine it with contrasting styles and accents. For instance, the antique backdrop of dark reddish wood floors in combination with whitewashed wall and ceiling paints, or more contemporary clean-lined furniture.

  • Contrast flooring and furniture

Similar furnishing and flooring can be monotonous or even get lost. Therefore, you may pair dark grained floor ideas with contrasting (lighter) furniture pieces and vice versa. For example, a bedroom with classic dark oak floors can be complemented with lighter tone bed frames.

  • Harmonious balance

Wood floors pose their visual weight and soundness. Balance it with softer fabrics like cotton bed sheets or airy window treatments. Also, you may apply glass or metallic lighting to make the room cozier.

  • A rug for softening the mixture

Here, a rug can offer a calming passage between a bedroom wood flooring and the furniture. For example, soften the deep red-orange hues of tigerwood floors with an area rug under the bed in beige color.

Those are not a magic formula but can be helpful to get the timeless appeal from wood-finished bedroom floor ideas.

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