10+ Modern and Attractive Bedroom Paint Ideas

Forget boring white bedrooms without embellishments. Modern bedroom paint ideas are about experimenting with fresh, attractive colors. You can play with neutral shades, but don’t avoid bright and lively colors. The key is balancing the colors to create an eye-catching but elegant room.


Modern Bedroom Paint Trends to Follow

Many designers have been venturing to bright, intense colors for bedrooms since the mid-2010s. Shades like mustard yellow, hunter green, citrus colors, coral, royal purple, and various shades of blue are appearing in modern bedroom designs. People are not afraid to paint their bedroom walls with darker shades, creating a moody atmosphere.

Other alternatives are using the pastel versions of bold colors to decorate bedrooms. Pastel shades give a “softer” look, perfect for bedroom owners who love airy vibes.

Examples of Bedroom Paint Combinations

Looking for ideas to remodel your room? Consider some of these beautiful, even daring, paint combinations to create a modern bedroom.

1. Sensible Pink


Not many adults want pink to decorate their rooms, but this color doesn’t need to look childish. You can apply pink on one of the walls, such as behind your headboard. Pair the pink with more subdued colors to balance the visual.

2. Dark Color with Bright Decals

Dark Color with Bright Decals

You can make the bedroom look “moody” by applying dark colors to the walls. Dark grey, purple, green, or blue creates an elegant, mature look. To prevent the room from feeling oppressive, add bright decals. The patterns can be flowers, leaves, stars, geometric designs, or anything that matches your taste.


3. Different Shades of White

Different Shades of White

What if you want to stick with the safe white? Try choosing different shades that are still within the white spectrums. Cream, eggshell, and flax, for example, are the “warmer” shades of white. For “cooler” white shades, try mint cream, azure, or Alice white. Using unique white shades makes your bedroom less boring.

4. Citrus Colors

Citrus Colors bedroom ideas

Citrus colors, such as lime green, yellow, and orange, create a cheerful tone in any bedroom. They also stimulate the eyes and energize your mind, although people with sleeping problems may have difficulties resting in such rooms. Try using slightly paler shades for the walls to make them more relaxing.

5. Nut Bedroom Colors

Nut Bedroom Colors

Nut color palette is earthy but rich, ranging from brown to green variations. Chestnut, hazelnut, and mustard colors are very popular right now. However, you can make your room more cheerful by adding pistachio green color.

6.  Purple Room Paint Ideas

Purple Room Paint Ideas

Purple is elegant and mysterious, perfect to create a moody, mature looking, but still feminine bedroom. Deep royal purple is a great color for walls. You can combine it with darker purple shades for accents. Cut all the purple colors with something neutral, such as dark brown, black, or white. Make sure your room gets enough light to reduce the darkness.

Want something less extreme? Try the paler mauve or lilac. These shades are subtler than the royal purple but still distinct. They also look softer, which gives the room a “girly” vibe instead of mature.

7. Bright White with Colorful Accents

Bright White with Colorful Accents

If you have more than one favorite color, bring everything into a bedroom. Choose a bright white color for the main walls. Paint one of the walls with your favorite bold color. Add splashes of this color in the other parts of the room as accents, with one or two additional bright colors to complement it. For example, blue-and-gold or red-and-pink are great combinations for bedroom walls.

8. Bright Color with Natural Elements

Bright White with Colorful Accents

Pair a bright color with natural elements instead of white. For example, you may install a large wooden panel behind your bed, which is the “natural” part. Pair this wooden panel with bright colors, such as red, blue, green, pink, or purple. The grain patterns and wood color help to balance the bright bedroom walls.

9. Dark and Bright Neutrals

Bright White with Colorful Accents

If you want to stick with neutral colors, pair the dark and bright shades. For example, paint your room with dark grey, but use frost white as the window frames and wall decals. Use dark neutral shades for the walls to make your room more relaxing (bright white can overstimulate the eyes).

10. Pastel Painting Walls Bedroom

Citrus Colors bedroom ideas

Pastel shades are the safest options to try different colors without looking garish. You can choose the pastel version of any colors, such as yellow, orange, green, or blue, and they will always look relaxing.


These bedroom paint ideas are perfect to decorate contemporary rooms. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors and make your room more interesting.

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