7+ Ideas for Bedroom Paint Colours and Wall Decors

Decorating our bedroom can be an exciting but also challenging activity. You want to pursue a certain ideal to your sleeping space. It encompasses the interior design style, furnishing and other accessories, as well as embellishment. Many ideas for bedroom paint colours and wall accents offer different feels and looks to your bedroom interior.

Ideas for Bedroom Paint Colours

Before choosing any wall colour for your bedroom, you can think about the ambience you want to make. Do you want your bedroom to be cosy and relaxing or romantic-dramatic or bright and cheerful?

  • Wall paint colours for seriously soothing bedroom

Pick the colours and the hues or shades in the range of lavender, soft green, soft grey, pale blue, and deep blue. These shades are known to reduce stress and anxiety, promote relaxation, and even make your space seem more expansive.

  • Wall paint colours for brighter bedroom

Cheerful colours can be applied to children bedrooms. Opt for vivid options like vibrant yellow, hot pink, reds or oranges. You may ask your kids’ opinions about their favourite wall paints. If you want to put these colours of sunshine to an adult bedroom, go for the soft shades of buttery yellow or muted gold.

  • Wall paint colours for dramatic – romantic bedroom

Colours like rich red and warm brown are said to tend to create a special mood of sultry and romantic. Or if you want simple, white can be an alternative. For a more luxurious accent, try gold tones.

Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

After having the desired bedroom paint colours, you may turn to some decorative or even functional wall accents. The choice is unlimited, depending on your taste. Pick out one or more of the following common ideas for bedroom wall decor:

  • bold or patterned wallpapers
  • murals
  • eye-catching mirrors
  • wall artworks or a gallery
  • photo gallery / framed photography
  • patterned rugs or fabrics
  • wall shelves
  • posters
  • fairy lights
  • pegboard; etc.

Bedroom Wall Mural Ideas


Pick between a single-wall mural or 4-all accent murals. Choose the themes, colours, and patterns that suit your bedroom interior or even complement it. Smaller geometric patterns lend it traditional flair, while larger stripes or polka dots are more contemporary. For children bedrooms, colourful murals are the best.

Bedroom Wall Decor for Couples

To achieve this goal, go back to the romantic ideas for bedroom paint colours stated above. The right bedroom lighting fixtures and romantic wall decors transform your bedroom into an endearing daily space. Also applicable for special moment or celebration, here are some wonderful inspirations:

  • Love and marriage gallery

Decorate your bedroom wall with photos of your love journeys, wedding mementoes, love quotes, and more.

  • Romantic word art

Hang a large framed word art or multiple smaller ones containing your and your partner’s favourite love song lyrics or sayings.

  • Flower or heart wall decor

Arrange real or artificial romantic flowers or heart-shaped arts over your headboard.

Bedroom Wall Art

  • One Statement Piece

Sometimes, a single art piece in medium to large size is just impactful. You may hang this wall art above the bed headboard, a fireplace or a console table. Or else, hang an arresting sculptural piece in free-form shape or idea, finished in striking metallic colours.

  • Wall Art Gallery

Grouping of three or more artworks may turn beautifully depending on the width and height of your wall. You can arrange them asymmetrically spanning beyond the bed, in uniform or different sizes of frames.

Bedroom Wall Decor – DIY

There are tons of creative dan easy DIY projects to your bedroom wall decor ideas. Also, you can make use of the existing items you have and upcycle them into stunning artsy wall displays. Check out the following two ideas:

  • Hang Beads

Use your old beaded necklace or array the new ones and then hang them on a wooden branch. In the asymmetrical arrangement, the hanging beads offer such a whimsical bohemian elegance.

  • Dishware Gallery

For your beach-style bedroom, hang a group of silver tin tableware in different sizes for a more vintage look. Or else, you may show off your extensive collection of porcelain dishware for a more classic flair.

Bedroom Wall Shelf Ideas

Not only decorative, but bedroom wall shelves can also be smart storage as well. You may turn your headboard into a built-in bookcase, install floating modern asymmetrical shelves, or even hidden racks behind a door, and many more.

Mix and matching plenty of ideas for bedroom paint colours and your wall decors can be such a creative achievement to pursue your dream sleeping space.

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