Kitchen Paint Type Ideas You Must Try for Fresh Looks

Thinking of painting (or repainting) a kitchen? Think carefully about the kitchen paint type and color scheme. Colors are not the only things to consider, because you must think of the kitchen’s function. The paint and color must support your activities in the kitchen. However, you are now free to explore with bright colors, because they are no longer “outrageous” options for a kitchen.

Ideal Paint Types for a Kitchen

Paint for kitchen

A good kitchen must be safe and easy to clean, which means no slippery or porous surface. Oil-based paint used to be popular for kitchens because it is durable and easy to clean compared to water-based paint (latex). However, the oil kitchen paint is no longer widely available because of pollution risks. Your only choice nowadays is durable latex paint.

The most ideal types of paint for kitchens are:

  • High gloss

Hard and sleek, high gloss paint is very easy to clean. You can wipe off stains or splashes without damaging too much surface. The gloss adds a beautiful sheen in the kitchen. However, this paint can show imperfections on the wall surface.

  • Semi-gloss

Semi-gloss paint is not as shiny as the high gloss, but still good enough for a kitchen. It is easy to clean or wipe, and the coat is slightly more durable than high gloss paint.

  • Satin

Satin coat for a kitchen is a new trend. It is perfect for people who don’t like the sheen of a gloss coat. However, satin paint is not an ideal coat for a backsplash.

Avoid matte types such as flat paint, because it is hard to rub off stains or splashes from this painted surface.

Color Ideas for Kitchen Paint

Now that you pick the right type, it is time for the fun part: choosing the color. Here are several great ideas you can copy:

1.    Kitchen Paint for Silver Grey

Kitchen Paint for Silver Grey

Silver grey is elegant and subdued, perfect for adding a “cool” touch in the kitchen. This color is great for high gloss paint, pairing perfectly with the sheen. You can apply this color on the walls or cabinets.

2.    Kitchen Paint thats is Black

Kitchen Paint thats is Black

Don’t be afraid of trying the black paint in your kitchen! The matte black kitchen is hugely popular because of its moody look. Matte paint is ideal for cabinet units, especially if you have wall and floor cabinets.

3.     White and Natural Elements

White and Natural Elements

How to make a white kitchen less boring? Add natural elements such as textured stones, exposed bricks, or wooden panels. Woodgrain patterns look great with a white coat, and they make your kitchen less “empty”.

4.     Type Blue Paint Kitchen

Blue Paint Kitchen

Blue creates a cool touch in a hot kitchen. You can use various shades of blue to paint kitchen walls and cabinets. Darker blue colors (Pantone, Spanish, Egyptian, navy, midnight) are perfect for a moody look. Light blue colors (baby, periwinkle, powder) make your kitchen look bigger.

5.     Different White Shades

Different White Shades

Another good idea to make white less boring, using different white shades will make your kitchen look different. You can choose cool white shades (mint cream, white smoke, alabaster) or warm shades (cream, eggshell, ivory).

6.     Kitchen Design Earth Colors

Kitchen Design Earth Colors

Earth colors are great for kitchens because they have a “welcoming” look. You can get creative with colors such as fawn, tawny, brown sugar, burgundy, copper, taupe, and sand. They look great with white or brighter colors like red and green.

7.     Kitchen Color Muted/Orange Pink

Kitchen Color Muted/Orange Pink

Want to have a pink kitchen but afraid of looking childish? Try more muted or orange-pink colors. Muted lilac, pale lavender-pink, coral, and salmon pink are great colors for kitchens. They make the kitchens look interesting but not childish.

8.     White with Colorful Backsplash

White with Colorful Backsplash


Do you have a colorful, bright backsplash with attractive patterns? Pair them with white to create an attractive kitchen. Many people choose to get creative with the backsplash because it is easy to change. White walls are safe and giving more opportunities with the decorations.

9.     Painting Kitchen Ideas With Citrus Colors

Painting Kitchen Ideas With Citrus Colors

Citrus colors are suitable for kitchens because they look refreshing. They also increase your appetite, reminding you of fresh fruits. Colors like orange, yellow, lime green, and grapefruit pink will make your kitchen pop.

kitchen painting

When choosing a kitchen color, start from the paint type. The best kitchen paint type must be durable and easy to clean, such as high gloss and satin. Once you pick the type, browse the color selections to create your dream kitchen.

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