Living Rooftop Design Ideas

Transforming the Living Rooftop into another getaway space can be worth trying. It can be a place for simply enjoying the vistas, relaxing or even gathering.

For those living in the jungle of urban concretes, a roof deck can be an oasis—a getaway place from the daily hectic days. The night skylines viewed over the top of tall buildings can be such a therapy. For those lucky enough to live in a place surrounded by more tranquil and amazing nature, living rooftop idea can be another secluded haven.

There are two types of living roof top ideas, i.e. indoor and outdoor spaces.

Indoor Living Rooftop Space

Living rooftop

A living room or dining room in a rooftop? Why not? Turn your unused flat roof into a privy place. Both for home living or office, it can be a pleasant space for spending your time alone or with your beloved ones. Also, it can serve as an unusual area for welcoming your friends or guests.

Outdoor Living Rooftop Terrace

Living rooftop

It is a perfect idea if you prefer an open-space design for your rooftop area. Designed usually in terrace decking, you may create a wonderful place for enjoying the view, relaxing or socializing. In other meaning, it can be an outdoor lounge room, dining room, garden or other creative living roof top ideas.

The idea of rooftop living space will cover closely related to the combination of flooring and other installation elements. Let’s check out some of the most common types of flooring materials for rooftop decks.

1. Waterproofing Membrane

As implies by its name, this type of roof flooring is increasingly popular. It has a well-known neat and linear floor, as well as durability attribute. Moreover, this material has \a higher resistance to any damage threats posed by rains or excessive moisture.

2. Hardwood

Living rooftop


Wood deck pavers particularly offer the incomparable classic and rustic flairs. This flooring would be great for pursuing a relaxing and entertaining rooftop area.

It can be quite costly, for the initial application and the follow-up maintenance.

3. Tile Flooring

Tiles come in plenty of options like ceramic, granite, porcelain, and slate. For rooftop flooring, you may use adhesive to install these tiles. Alternatively, a tile interlocking system is increasingly applied. This innovation provides better tile alignment, as well as easy clean and care.

4. Sandstone at Rooftop

Living rooftop

Due to its shades of tan to gold, sandstone deck tiles offer the natural atmosphere resembling the desert or sandy beach. It functionally offers high durability as well. Therefore, highly ideal for areas with high traffics like rooftop living room and other design ideas.

5. Rubber and/or Plastic Pavers

This flooring material has been considered as the most friendly and affordable one. Also, it’s a popular solution for rooftop lounge spot.

6. Artificial Grass At Living Room

Living rooftop

Wishing for a greener living rooftop design? Instead of the living grass, you may opt for the artificial lawn for entire or partly rooftop flooring. This faux grass won’t attract bugs or be easily dirty. It’s highly ideal for those having a pet or simply for solo lounging times.

How to Decorate Living Rooftop Space Ideas

Living rooftop

Three common essential points are decorating indoor and outdoor roof space, namely seating places, privacy, and large green areas. And the following are some more elaborate living rooftop design inspirations:

  • Provide Some Shade

Living rooftop

Any living rooftop space requires some protection from the direct sunlight or heat. Permanent roofing, covered awning, large umbrellas or canopies are some of the examples.

  • Create Coziness in Living Rooftop

Furnish your living rooftop designs with comfy seats. Look for outdoor chairs, sofas or benches. Equip them with a lot of upholstered element and a lot of plushy accessories. Durable cushions and throw pillows, and blankets are nicely complementary. Outdoor rugs and fireplace are other functional and decorative accessories.

  • Go Greener Living Rooftop

Living rooftop

Create your rooftop garden terrace garden by growing your own vegetables or flowers. Apart from the living or faux grass, hanging flower baskets or potted greenery are some superb alternatives.

  • Outdoor Feast Rooftop

Rooftop ideas

Welcoming your loved one to a romantic dinner? Having a family gathering or evening parties? Your rooftop can serve them all, from barbequing to candlelight moments. A fire pit also offers another warm retreat during the windier and chillier nights.

Also, in designing or decorating your, try to make it full of fun. It is a place where you can spend your free, leisure times to the fullest.

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