Living Room Flooring Inspiration

A living room serves as a public space in a house, perfect for a family gathering or relaxing. Living room flooring is an important element to create the perfect design. Choosing a floor requires you to consider things like kids, feet traffic, pets, spill risks, costs, and many more. It can be confusing, especially if you are building a new house.


Need a clue to pick a new living room floor? Follow this guide to make the best option.


Comparing Flooring Types for Living Room

Nowadays, you have many floor options for installation in a home. Each floor type has unique characteristics. Here are the most popular flooring types for a living room:

  • Tile

Living Room Flooring Inspiration

Tile floor is durable, beautiful, and easy to clean. Tiles also come in various patterns, sizes, and colors. You can install cheap ceramic tiles or expensive marble floor. Most tiles can withstand high feet traffic and spills, but they can be slippery. The grouts can stain over time, and you must clean them carefully.

Consider the climate and temperature before installing a tile floor. Tiles are cool and perfect for a hot climate, but not ideal for a house in a cold or freezing climate.

  • Wood

Living Room Flooring Inspiration

Wooden floor is elegant, beautiful, and perfect for a modern or traditional living room. While hardwood is quite expensive, you can order manufactured wood for a cheaper material. Wood is easy to clean, but not immune toward water damage. Hardwood is uncomfortable to walk on, despite being the most durable and elegant.

  • Laminate

Living Room Flooring Inspiration

Laminate is a cheaper alternative of wooden or stone floor. Its appearance can mimic more expensive materials. Laminate floor is also easy to clean, but it is unsuitable for places with spill and water damage risks.

  • Carpet

Living Room Flooring Inspiration

Carpeted floor feels luxurious and comfortable for feet. You can install a fully carpeted room or place a smaller carpet in the living room. However, carpet is unsuitable for allergic people, because its smallest pores can still trap dust. Carpet is more ideal for a living room with low feet traffic.

There are also concerns about spills and maintenance cost. Carpet needs steam cleaning to remove the dust and dirt. It is also harder to remove stain from a carpet than wood or tiles, for example.

Choosing the right material makes your living room more comfortable. You should consider each floor’s characteristics before installing the right floor.

Living Room Flooring Ideas

Here are several ideas you can copy for a living room floor:

1. Light Hardwood Floor

Living Room Flooring Inspiration

Light hardwood floor is great for almost all wall colors. You can pair it with cool or warm color schemes. Light wood color also emphasizes the wood-grain patterns, making your living room look more elegant.

2. Dark Wooden Floor with Bright Carpet

Living Room Flooring Inspiration

Dark wooden floor is elegant and modern, but it can make your living room less welcoming. Make it look inviting by adding a brightly colored carpet. You can install a textured carpet to decorate a living room in a subtler way.

3. Patterned Carpet Floor

Living Room Flooring Inspiration

If your living room has low foot traffic, you can experiment with a full, patterned carpet. Choose a timeless color scheme to anticipate living room redecoration, such as black and white or earth tones. Abstract or geometric patterns are generally “safe” options for a modern home.

4. Marble Tiles with Warm Tones

Living Room Flooring Inspiration

Marble tiles are identical with a stunning, expensive white floor. However, you can bring a more welcoming look by using tiles with warm tones. Earth tones like beige, taupe, or eggshell white add a subtle charm to any living room.

5. Patterned Ceramic Tiles

Living Room Flooring Inspiration

Make your ceramic tile floor look expensive with patterns. Many patterned tiles have beautiful designs to match designer homes. You can use them as floor accents, adding visual charms to a living room.

6. “Wooden” Laminate Floor

Living Room Flooring Inspiration

“Wooden” laminate floor is a cheaper way to imitate the look of an expensive product. You can install a laminate floor with a sheen effect. Since laminate floor is cheap, let the wood pattern and color shine by leaving it uncovered (no carpet).

7. Terrazzo Floor

Living Room Flooring Inspiration

Terrazzo is a combination of several minerals and stones, mixed into tiles using aggregate. This floor is returning to popularity, thanks to its rich patterns. Terrazzo tiles give a beautiful flooring look, with a cheaper price than marble.

Choosing a living room flooring could make or break your interior. Consider the look and characteristics of each floor before installing the right one.

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