How to Create Home Office Layout Design (with Ideas)

Having an office space in the house requires good planning. Ideal office layout design must give you comfort and accessibility, regardless of the size. Having a small space for home office is not a problem. You only need to know the best way to arrange the layout.

5 Important Points in Designing Home Office Layout

Before planning a home office, consider the spot you will use. Measure the width and height and include the empty space for the traffic. Once you determine the size, consider these five important points in creating an Office Decor layout:

  • The Working Space
The Working Space

office layout design

How should your working space accommodate you? Do you only need enough place for a laptop and essential stationery? Do you need to work with small tools? An ideal working desk should be 48 inches (120 cm) wide. However, if you only need a place for laptop, you may reduce the width.

  • The Storage Space
The Storage Space

office layout design

Consider your workflow and storage needs when planning this part. What kind of objects do you need to grab fast when working? What is your archiving/filing system like? Where do you keep the work supplies? Depending on the space, you may need to install wall shelves and other space-efficient storage solutions.

  • The Light Source
The Light Source

office layout design

If you have an adequate natural light source, great! If not, consider having several light options. A regular ceiling lamp is an adequate light source, but you may need to add a desk or wall light.

  • The Meeting Place

The Meeting Place

If your job requires you to meet guests and clients, consider making a nearby seating area. Depending on the available space, the meeting area must at least consist of a table and two chairs.

  • The Tech Management


The Tech Management

If you use a lot of electronic devices in your job, consider management tricks to reduce clutter. You can use wireless technology to reduce the cord clutter, such as for the mouse, router, and printer. Use cord tamers and labels to manage your cords.

Finally, never sacrifice style and personality for practicality! Lamps with unique shapes, framed illustrations, colorful rugs, and unique working chair can make the office space more interesting.

Examples of Home Office Layout Design

Some great examples of home office layout designs include:

1. Office Layout Design with L-cabinet

Office Layout Design

An L-cabinet is the perfect furniture to utilize the corner space, which is often wasted. You can extend the floor cabinet part to form a work desk. The cabinet provides enough space to store everything you need for doing your job.

2. Office layout Design Under the Stairs

Office Layout Design

This layout is a popular design hack for small home space. You can use this design if you only need enough space for a computer. Install a light under the stairs and attach a floating desk. The walls under the stairs can also serve as the “idea board”.

3.     Corner Working Space

Office Layout Design

A variation of work desk with L-cabinet, a corner working space actually has an L-shaped floating desk. You can apply this design in a bedroom or small space. The L-shaped desk also gives you extra space, especially for installing drawers.

4.     Spacious Office with Desk in the Middle

Office Layout Design

If you have a large space to create a home office, you have more freedom to position the desk. For example, you can place a large desk in the middle of the room. Choose a large desk with double drawers, and position in front of a large bookshelf.

5.     Modular Office

Office Layout Design

A modular workspace combines the desk, shelves, drawers, and closet in one unit. You may often see the larger version of a modular workspace unit in an office. However, there are smaller units you can purchase for a home office.

6.     Window Workspace Unit

Office Layout Design

A large window is a great focal point for workspace unit. You can place a desk right in front of a window (or beside it if the sunlight hits you directly). The window serves as the source of natural life and the visual distraction whenever you need to look up from your work. Place several mini plants or other ornaments near the window to spice it up.

Choosing the right office layout design is the key to work productivity, even at home. Create your dream workspace with these ideas as the inspiration and have a great home office regardless of the available size.

You can find inspiration from the following pictures :

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