Terrace Nursing Home

Do you know the key to build an ideal nursing home? Make it a comfortable building that focuses on the care of people. Terrace nursing home is a great concept, because it creates a relaxing connection between the interior and exterior. The elderly can have more enjoyable days, and you will see the rise of life expectancy, happiness, and general health condition.

Important Factors in Building Nursing Homes

Relaxing Terrace Ideas

A nursing home combines healthcare facilities with the comfort of a communal home. There are several important aspects you should follow when building such construction. They are:

  • Inviting Exterior and Reception Area

Make the nursing home look inviting even before a guest or occupant enters. The front yard should be well-lit and connected to the door. The reception area should get a lot of natural light, with comfortable seats. There should be clear signs that mark the main entrances.

  • Clear and Easy Navigation

The inside of the nursing home should be comfortable for guests and occupants. They should be able to find their ways around. You must place clear navigation signs near functional spaces, such as “Common Room”, “Dining Room”, “Activity Room”, and many more.

The layout inside the nursing home must be straightforward. Avoid maze-like corridors and confusing room placements.

  • Enough Activity and Social Rooms

Elderly people need to get active if they want to stay healthy. An ideal nursing home must have comfortable spaces for interacting, crafting, and relaxing.

  • Maximum Accessibility

Many elderly people use wheelchairs or walkers, so make sure the building has the ultimate accessibility level. Provide wheelchair ramps and large doors. Reduce uneven flooring design elements. Make sure that the sinks, closets, and shelves have adjustable or different heights.

  • Noise Reduction Elements

A lot of outdoor noises can disturb the elderly’s rest. You can reduce the noise level by attaching heavy curtains, draperies, and rugs to block the noises. Fabrics will also provide a little “cushioning” on the hard surfaces.

Finally, a healthy nursing home design must provide a lot of natural light and fresh air. This is where the ideal terrace designs can apply.

Examples of Relaxing Terrace Ideas for Nursing Homes

Relaxing Terrace Ideas

A terrace can double as an activity space in the nursing home. You can place dining tables, relaxing chairs, and even libraries. Here are several great ideas to create a more beautiful and welcoming design by using the right terrace.

1. Semi-open Terrace and Dining Area

Relaxing Terrace Ideas

Placing a dining area on a terrace is not a strange idea. You can build a canopy or semi-open terrace to place a dining table. For a nursing home, place a long table with benches and cushioned chairs on the terrace floor. The elderly can enjoy their meals while seeing the view.

2. Private Terrace with Privacy Bushes

Relaxing Terrace Ideas

Create a more private outdoor area in a Terrace nursing home by planting “privacy bushes”. They can cover out of the “outdoor gaze” and keep the elderly from feeling trapped in a private place. You can add round tables and individual seats.

3. Patio Terrace with Sofas and Armchairs

Relaxing Terrace Ideas

Patio terrace makes everything look beautiful and elegant. The wooden floor is a great surface for sofas and cushioned armchairs. They are great locations for the elderly to have conversations, enjoy meals, and just enjoy their spare time.

4. Terrace with Patterned Tiles

Relaxing Terrace Ideas

Nursing homes often have conservative materials. However, it does not hurt to install patterned tiles on the terrace floor. These tiles make everyone happy, especially if the terrace doubles for the Terrace nursing home.

5. Natural Terrace

Relaxing Terrace Ideas

Create a natural terrace to supply the occupants with colors and fresh air. Natural terrace has a lot of bushes, trees, and planters. You can turn this terrace into a venue for activities, such as gardening. Choose cheap, colorful flowers that are easy to maintain and can be planted by the elderly.

6. Patio Terrace with Outdoor Sport Space

Relaxing Terrace Ideas

Light sports like yoga and tai chi are best to be done under the sun. However, not all nursing homes have enough outdoor spaces. You can create an outdoor space where everyone, regardless of their condition, can enjoy the sun and fresh air while getting fit.

Building a terrace nursing home requires high creativity. Make sure you have a terrace that increases the life quality of the elderly. Consider their daily activities, and make sure the terrace space is comfortable.

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